Silver Goddess Jewellery

All jewellery is handcrafted here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. I work with Thai Hill Tribe Silver & Semi precious stones.

Karen Silver is at least 97% pure silver, where sterling silver is only 92.5%. It doesn’t discolour like sterling silver & rarley needs to be polished.
The first generation of Karen silversmiths were taught to carefully handcraft each design from scratch. They learned to give each design a unique appearance only seen in their own creations. From Karen mother and father to Karen son and daughter, they have passed down their silver work skills and traditions. Today, each handmade piece is a unique masterpiece that represents centuries of Karen culture and art.
The jewelry they create, with such tremendous effort, has enormous consequence to them; not just as objects of value but also as items of classic beauty and symbolic significance… there are no two pieces that are exactly alike; each has its unique, handmade characteristics.

 Silver Goddess products are always different and unique, and can be customised to your needs if required.